The Use of Bokashi Microbes

The Use of Bokashi Microbes

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What is Bokashi microbes?

Bokashi means ‘fermentation’ in Japanese. It is made by fermenting rice barn with effective microorganisms, sugar and water. It contains a large amount of effective microorganisms which have the ability to inhibit bad microorganisms thus it is beneficial to both the microorganism community in soil and plant growth.

How to use Bokashi microbes in our compost starter kit?

Bokashi composting is simple!

All you need is our Bamboozle Compost Starter Kit to begin this fun-filled process at home - suitable for indoor and outdoor composting.

  1. Collect kitchen waste and garden waste for compost making. Make sure to cut the waste into small pieces and before putting them into the compost bin
  2. Apply a layer of Bokashi microbes (approximately 1/4 cup) on top of the waste, repeat the process if more waste is added to the bucket until it is full and close the lid
  3. Depending on the temperature where your compost bin is stored - in 4 to 12 weeks you can bury the semi-decomposed product in soil, the decomposition process will continue once it is buried and enrich your soil 
  4. And, if you want to donate your compost to other users for agriculture or landscaping purpose in Hong Kong, you may submit into a 'Compost Mapping Service' by Eco-Greenergy

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